Kicked the habit with an e-cigarette

Friday, June 28, 2013
I quit smoking when I moved to the UK, mainly because I promised my husband I would.  I did it for him, but not because I wanted to.  I enjoyed smoking.  I missed it, but quit successfully for many years until I went through a stressful time and started again.  My relapse lasted over a year.  The whole time, I was ashamed of myself.  I hated the smell.  I hated how I felt, I hated the health risks and I hated my lack of willpower.
     I've known a few people who have tried e-cigarettes.  I was a skeptic.  I thought it was going from one habit to another.  The people I knew that tried it, always had it and were constantly sucking on it.  It seemed to me they were more addicted to it then they were cigarettes.  I don't know any smokers that constantly had a cigarette in their hand.
     Then in January, I saw a piece about it on the BBC News.  I watched with interest thinking they were going to say that they have found it to be harmful.  What they said was quite the opposite.  They said that if every smoker switched to e-cigarettes, the lives saved every year would be astronomical.  This got my attention.  I went straight online to order one and try it myself.
     The e-cigarette works like this: In one end there's liquid nicotine and in the other is a battery and an atomiser. When you suck on it, the liquid nicotine is vaporised and absorbed through the mouth and what looks like smoke is actually just water vapour.  Because there is no tobacco in e-cigarettes, there is no tar and it's the tar in ordinary cigarettes that kills.
I started with a throw away e-cigarette and found it to taste like chemicals and a lot of work (you had to suck quite hard to get anything from it).  It wasn't satisfying me and I found myself going back to cigarettes.
Then I remembered there was a local shop that just sold one line of them with an extensive range of rechargeable e-cigarettes and they came in all kinds of strengths and flavors.  The line is called Totally Wicked (which is available in the UK, US & Europe) and since buying a starter pack, over six months ago, I never smoked another cigarette.

     I should point out that the starter packs come with a very high content of nicotine. I was lucky to have a salesperson that was kind enough to switch it for the lowest available instead of the highest.  If I had started out with the highest, I might have become one of those people constantly smoking it because Nicotine is so addictive.  When I was smoking, I smoked cigarettes with a very low nicotine content so when I switched to the e-cigarette, I was careful about trying to match the dose.
     I hate the taste of cigarettes (sounds ridiculous doesn't it?), but because I was trying to mimic smoking, I chose the tobacco flavor anyway (of Totally Wicked's Titan fluid).  The flavor is lovely and tastes more of chocolate than tobacco.  The salesperson recommend starting with mixing menthol with it initially to give that 'back of the throat hit' you get with cigarettes.  I added a little for the first day or two and then stopped once I got used to the feel of the e-cigarette.
     If you are reading this and thinking of trying e-cigarettes to quit smoking, here is my recommendation - Go without a cigarette for a day or two first.  If you go from cigarette to e-cigarette, you will feel disappointed, but if you're dying for a smoke and inhale an e-cigarette, you are much more likely to be satisfied with it.  It will feel like smoking.
     I use my e-cigarette on a pretty regular basis (some days more than others).  I do not smoke it in public although it's totally legal to do so. There is no horrible smell, no bad taste and no health risks that are associated with the tar in tobacco products and that's not mentioning the fraction of what it costs compared to cigarettes.
     I now am back to being one of those ex-smokers that hates the smell of smoke and can't stand to be around smokers.  I can also say without a doubt that I will never go back to cigarettes.  I enjoy my e-cigarette and don't miss cigarettes one bit.

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