Zaggora Hot Pants

Thursday, September 26, 2013
As I mentioned the other day, I have put on about 25 lbs in the last year. Every year I have a flare up of my arthritis that keeps me from working out and every year I gain anywhere from 10 - 25 lbs (depending how long I'm out of commission). I am miserable when I'm over weight and have been working hard to get it off. I've tried various diets with no results.
When school started, I went back on Slimmimg World (the diet plan I lost my baby weight on - a whopping 50 lbs) and started physical therapy along with doing the '30 Day Shred' Program that I got into really good shape with last year.
A couple of weeks ago I heard from a company called, Zaggora who make a product called 'Hot Pants'. The ad said 'LOOK GOOD NAKED' and I thought, yes, please! The hot pants are supposed to make you sweat more and burn more calories. After reading more about it and going over some reviews, I decided to take their two week challenge.
 The two week challenge is simple. You wear the hot pants for 30 minutes a day while active. You measure yourself before and after the two weeks and report the results to them on their website. They claim that you can lose up to two jeans sizes in two weeks. I have just finished week one of the two week challenge and this is what I can tell you so far...
The hot pants are made of a wet suit type of material. When I opened them, they looked tiny and with a bum shoulder, I worried I'd have trouble getting them on, but they went on easily. I almost immediately felt the perspiration and even though I didn't feel like working out that day, it inspired me to do it anyway. They do make an awful lot of noise when you move which is a little off putting, but I'm not wearing them out of the house.  If I went to the gym to workout, I might have thought twice about it.
They were quite stiff during the first few workouts which bothered me because I'm stiff enough with my arthritis, but after a few days they started to give little by little. You do sweat a lot and I have to say when you take them off, you definitely notice. I haven't measured myself this week (I'm waiting until the end of the two weeks), but I did lose four pounds this week. Is it water weight from all the sweating? I don't know and to be honest, I don't care. Seeing the scale go down is giving me the drive to keep going.
I weigh in and measure myself next Thursday and I'll be sure to report the results.  In the meantime, you can check them out on Amazon...

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