My food blog update

Tuesday, March 4, 2014
So I named my food blog.  Well someone else did, but they let me know that there is nothing wrong with simple and in an instant they ended my misery  (Thank you, Sweetheart)! I nearly went with something to do with Pond Hopper, but as I've mentioned in the past, this isn't a blog I share with many and didn't want to risk drawing attention from the wrong people.  I won't say just yet what I went with because the site may be up, but it's far from ready to be viewed.  I've been working really hard to get it going, but I don't have the time to put into it that I'd prefer to so it's going much slower than I'd like.
All of my spare time for the last few weeks has been spent cooking, baking, shooting photos of everything I cook and bake, and developing the website.  I have been obsessed and can't sleep at night thinking about it all.  I hate when I don't know what I'm doing and lately, with the site development, I'm doing nothing but winging it.  If something isn't working or I'm unsure how to get the result I'm looking for, I stay awake at night trying not to think about how to make it work.  I will get there in the end, but like I said, I'm short on free time.
The baking is going really well.  I haven't baked anything other than the odd cake in many, many years so I wondered how it would go.  I knew it would have to be done because with shows like 'Bake Off' being so popular, people will expect baking recipes.  In the last few weeks I have made brownies, four different varieties of cakes, two cupcake recipes, two different cookie recipes and a very bad batch of cinnamon rolls.  Dough is apparently not my strong suit, but I bake a mean cake, I'm excellent at icing and my cookies have been lovely!  I guess baking is a lot like riding a bike.  So I have no doubt the dough will come in time because I used to be really good at it.
One of the things I didn't plan well was writing the recipes as I go.  That takes time I don't have.  With the baking, I've had no choice.  I'm only just getting back into it so I've taken notes as I went, but with the cooking it's been a different story. I've cooked some amazing meals and then photographed them, but didn't think about writing out the recipes.  When I cook, the process is organic.  It takes on a like of it's own.  It just flows and I don't think about taking the time to keep notes.  So, now I have a bunch of photos and a whole lot of recipe writing to do.  I really need to start recording the process or something because I could definitely see me burning something because I've stopped to write some notes!
Anyway, here's some of the photography from the last few weeks...

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