Our London Trip (and Orlando Bloom)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Our trip to London was fabulous.  We had a really great time.  We were only supposed to be there 1 night, but we were having such a wonderful time we decided to stay another night.  We left Saturday morning and came home Monday night.  It was a holiday weekend so it worked out perfectly.  We figure since we're trying for a baby - our days of splurging and spur of the moment weekends away may be numbered. So, we're living for the moment and really enjoying ourselves.
The first night, we stayed in Trafalgar Square at The Trafalgar Hotel and the second night we stayed at the Marriott in Kensington.  Both hotels were wonderful and well worth the money.  We booked through priceline.com again and I can't say enough how much we've saved using that website - without using it we would never stay at such luxurious hotels - I highly recommend it!
Saturday night we had tickets to see a play called 'In Celebration' which starred Orlando Bloom.  I really like him and was surprised to get tickets considering he's a pretty big celebrity.  The show was really good, although I can't say I found Orlando Bloom's role or performance to be star quality.  I spent the whole time waiting for his character to say or do something significant, but it never happened.  He hardly spoke at all and considering his celebrity status, I think it was distracting and the play would have been better without the big name playing that part.  That being said - it was much better then most plays I've seen on the West End.
After the show, we went outside and waited for him to come out to see if he'd sign the programme.  There was a small crowd formed so we just joined them.  Before long - the small crowed turned into a huge crowd that literally took up the entire street the theatre was on.  I've never seen anything like it.  They even had barricades set up.  I don't know why I was so surprised - like I said he's a pretty big celebrity. 
Those of you who know me - know this wasn't my first attempt to get a programme signed after a play.  I've been disappointed before and thought considering the size of the crowd, there would be no way I'd be getting an autograph, but I'm pleased to report that Orlando Bloom did not disappoint (shame on you Mr Kilmer). 
We couldn't have gotten out of the crowd easily even if we wanted to, so we stuck around to at least try to get a good look at him up close.  He came out and worked his way around the crowed (behind the barricades of course) he stayed out there for quite some time and actually made a point of signing the programmes of the people that actually went to see the play.  I was too short to reach over the crowed, but Wayne handed him the programme and he did sign it.  Later, we had a good laugh looking at all the photos we tried to get while standing in the crowed.  If you go to my photos section, you can see a few of them under 'London 2007' along with the other photos I took throughout the weekend.
Sunday, we covered Covent Gardens and did some shopping.  We were really enjoying our trip and thought maybe we'd stay another night.  A few minutes after discussing it - we came across an internet cafe' and  took it as a sign.  We had already checked out of our hotel so we hopped on priceline and booked our 2nd night.
That night, we had dinner at an award winning Italian restaurant and had a fantastic meal (thanks to the concierge at our hotel).  Monday, we went to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.  This was a real treat because they are two places in London I hadn't been before so I really enjoyed it.  We took the train back Monday night and were exhausted by the time we came home, but it really was a wonderful weekend.  I was needing a weekend away.  I can't say what a difference it made.  It really lifted my spirits.
We had to go back into London on the following Wednesday to see a Specialist about my arthritis and ended up making another day of it.  We had lunch and spent the rest of the day shopping.  I've been trying to catch up with work ever since (which is why I haven't been blogging).  Just two days off really set me back, but I should be completely caught up by tomorrow.

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