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On love & sex...

I've had two friends talk to me about their relationships with week.  Both are in committed long term relationships, one friend a man and the other a woman - both going through a bit of a rough patch with their partner - one more severe than the other. Scenario number one (the male friend) - A couple that's been together over 5 years that started out together very young.  They are each other's first serious relationship. They're unmarried, but live together.  They're relationship has reached the point of being more like room-mates than anything else.  No sex to speak of, no real quality time with each other and they hardly ever kiss each other hello when they come home any more (they used to all the time).  He says he's in love with her and doesn't want to break up.  They've tried 'dating' each other again, but when he makes sexual advances - she says that's all he's interested in.  He says there's only so much rejection he can take b

Come on Spring!

It appears that winter has reared it's ugly head and kicked Spring's ass into submission.  It's been really cold this week and the wind chill is quite awful in this area.  Not two weeks ago, I was doing my workouts on the sea front and today, the bitterly cold wind was so bad it made my eyes tear walking to the gym (oh how I dream of driving again)! I know it was early for spring type weather, but I was really hoping it would stay. I guess I should be grateful the sun is out and I didn't have to contend with the sideways rain that seems to come hand in hand with winter in this country!  Still, I hope spring wins the fight soon!

Ohhh, Now I get it!

When I wrote the entry below, I didn't realize that the article I wrote about was actually written by a British expat living in NY (opposed to an American fluent in English ).  The expat was making fun of fellow Brits - hence the subheading in big red letters... When I read the article, I was quite busy with work, but it caught my attention so I quickly read it through.  So quickly that I missed the subheading which made it quite clear it was a British person that wrote it and I also didn't notice that there was a second page! This new realization (thanks to Jersey Girl) makes the article a lot more funny and much more appropriate. That being said, I'm leaving the entry below because I still think it's relevant (albeit not to the article, but to how we look at other cultures living in our country).

Can't we all just get along?

This article was sent to me by a fellow Jersey girl that reads my blog (thanks to her for sending it).  She sent it to give me a laugh.  I have to admit that I did laugh out loud (especially at the bit about asking a Brit what part of Australia they are from).  I really wanted to read the article and think - Finally, someone is picking on them for a change and part of me did, but I found myself thinking that although what the author describes is mainly true - does it make them any better than the British that have made me feel so unwelcome here? I mean can't we all just get along?  Why do we have to pass judgement and pick on each other for our cultural differences?  Why can't we accept that the British will never become 'warm' types of people and we'll always remain super friendly and slightly loud in comparison?  The British are reserved and appear to be snobby to us and we appear larger than life and obnoxious to them.  For the most part I don't believe eit


I actually gasped when I saw this picture (Damn you, Heat magazine)! Say it isn't so! What's become of Mr Kilmer?? I just saw him in person not so long ago and I can say for sure - that belly wasn't there!  The shock - the horror!  I know with age we all lose our youthful figure, but my goodness, this is just giving up!  Those who know me can only imagine my thoughts on this picture.  This has to rank up there with the day I came out of denial about George Michael being gay! :-) 

Back we'll go - I think

Last night I listened to Wayne tell his mother about our plans to try to move back to the States (I don't think Mother's day was the best day to break the news, but men don't always consider such things).  He explained that it was his idea - that when we went back to visit for Christmas he saw how unhappy I am here because there, I was the woman he fell in love with.  He saw me joke around with friends & family and saw the sense of humor that comes out only with him these days (probably not as often has it should) and he saw me get fired up at the wheel and saw a side of me he probably long forgot.   He realized that this place has changed me and it's time to go back.  He says I lost my fire, but while we were there, I was myself again and I guess he'd take fiery any day over quiet and reserved.  People who know me probably can't imagine such a thing, but it's true and even though it's probably not the best idea financially to go back, it's proba

Brighton Yesterday

We went into Brighton yesterday.  Brighton is a trendy, artsey town that reminds me of England meets New York City and any up scale shore town in Jersey (it also happens to be the Gay capitol of England - not that there's anything wrong with that). There are loads of shops, a shopping mall, a ton of restaurants, pubs & clubs.  I love the mall because it reminds me of being back home and it feels familiar.  On a nice day, Brighton gets packed with people but it doesn't bother me because for me it's really nice to be out among the living. It's funny how I look froward to the weekends when I get to dress nicer than my gym cloths and do my hair and make-up (not that I ever leave the house without make-up). It was cold in Brighton, but it was still really packed with people.  It's funny how when March hits and the first of the spring like days happens - some of the people here start dressing like it's summer - no matter what the temperature is.  Yesterday was pre

One of those days

It's been one of those days - One of those days that I'm feeling really alone here.  I had a really crap morning.  Nothing really terrible, but not a way to start the day.  My cat Alfie (my problem child) has been ripping his hair out and has a big bald spot on his tail.  It was unsettling to witness and we took him to the vet the other night.  The diagnosis - he's either having an allergic reaction to a flea bite (he's an indoor cat and has never had fleas) or he's a 'stressy cat' (leave it to me to have a stressy cat). She gave us some topical flea treatment to start off with and told us to let her know how it goes.  I don't like using chemicals and was hesitant to put it on him because him and his brother are constantly grooming each other and I didn't want them to get sick.  Against my better judgement, I put it on both of my cats and within a half hour, Alfie was foaming at the mouth, drooling and throwing up.  I called the vet and they said it

What I take personally

Someone recently said that they wonder why it is I take it so personally every time someone here says anything negative about the US Government.  My answer to that is - I don't.  I agree whole heartedly with what most people say about the current administration.  Hell, I have a sign hanging on my refrigerator that reads 'Don't blame me, I voted for Kerry.'  What I take personally is when people assume because I'm American, I support the government, Bush or this war (the only thing I support in this war are the troops who are fighting it).  I take it very personally when in friendly conversation it's brought up and thrown in my face as if I am guilty of being one of the decision makers.  I have no more control over my government than they have here over theirs.  I don't see a reason to bring politics into friendly conversation nor do I think I should be looked upon in a negative light because of what nationality I am opposed to being judged for the person I a

What a difference the sun makes

I think spring has arrived.  The winters here seem to last 6 months and in that time it's more dark and grey than anything else.  Sunday, the sun came out strong and it's been nice ever since.  What a lift in spirits it's given me. Sunday, we went for a walk along the seafront and over to the arcade where we won


I had an experience last night that I just can't get out of my head.  I wanted to let it go; I wanted to sweep it under the rug and not let it bother me, but it has and this is my forum for dealing with such things... I took Wayne out to dinner last night (I like to do that from time to time.  It makes me feel valid).  We went to the Italian place here on the harbour.  It's good food and really reasonable, plus we can walk there and not have to pay for a taxi if we feel like drinking.  The place is new and I think they're still trying to find their way with the business.  It's pretty chaotic with the service - 3 different people come up to take your order in the first 2 minutes before you've had a chance to look at the menu and then no-body comes back for 20 minutes. The manager (maybe owner) is a young guy who seems to wear many hats.  He runs around like a crazy man while the others kind of wander around not doing much of anything. He ended up being our server.  H

It's crazy time again

I just cried watching the TV show, Bones this morning.  This can only mean one thing - it's that time again.  That time of the month that I get emotional and girlie for no apparent reason.  That time I can't seem to control for the life of me.  That time that I even want to smack me!  I didn't always suffer from this absurd affliction.  It was something I prided myself on - No moods driven by hormones here (so I thought).  It just started in the last few years and I wish there was one rational explanation for it or at least a fucken pill I could take to make me rational at the very least! Last month I cried uncontrollably to my husband about my weight.  A couple of years back, I was on some medication that made me gain some weight.  I've been trying desperately to get back to my normal weight for a couple of years now and last month in utter frustration and apparently crazy with a hormonal imbalance - I cried (okay, sobbed was more like it) for a half hour straight say

Our weekend in London

Our weekend in London was wonderful.  We had a really great time and I'm so glad we stayed over night.  We stayed in the Crown Plaza hotel and it was fabulous.  The room was small, but the whole place was beautiful and sparkling clean.  The service was excellent as well (if you don't count the maid who woke us up at 8:30 in the morning by walking into our room). After we checked in, we had some time to kill before dinner, so we went for a walk around the city.  We were down the street from the palace so we started there, went through the park and around to parliament to get a look at Big Ben passing Westminster Abbey along the way.  It was a really nice way to start our evening. We had early reservations at an Italian restaurant before the show.  Dinner was really good, but we didn't plan enough time before the theater and had to run without coffee or desert.  We had a bottle of wine with dinner so, I have to admit that I was a bit tipsy for a portion of the show. We went t

My 2nd favorite Canadian cont.

Last week, I wrote about my favorite Canadians and how they remind me of random musicians.  They have both given photos so I can see how reliable my memory is (it's been years since I've seen either of them).  Here is a comparison of Gary and the lead singer of Five for Fighting for anyone who wants to give some input...

London Bound...

We're going to London tomorrow to celebrate our anniversary.  I'm really looking froward to it.  I've had an on going love affair with London since moving here.  I find it to be a magical place and wish we could live there.  I have often said that I wish I could take the beauty and charm of England and put it into America, that way I could have the best of both worlds.  We're going to dinner and a play and staying over night in a really nice hotel.  I've been debating with myself on whether or not to spend the money on a hotel or not, but I'm so glad I booked it.  I booked through and saved about $110 and we'll be staying in a 4 star hotel right near the palace.  I'm like a little kid in London and get really excited about the tourist type places.  Every time I see Big Ben, I get childlike and say things like 'look babe, it's Big Ben!' as if I'm seeing it for the very first time.  I haven't seen it in a while so I'm

Tornadoes In 3 States

There's someone I care for that lives in a state in 'tornado alley'.  Since moving here, when ever there's a tornado that hits, they only announce that the US was hit.  Today, they said 3 states in America were hit by deadly tornadoes and 11 were killed.  My breath always catches in my throat as I wait for them to say which state - they never do and I'm forced to go to my computer to look it up.  Their state wasn't hit, but I really wish they'd get out of that God Forsaken place!  I don't understand why people would stay in a place like that.  I mean I know anything can happen to any of us at any time, but why would you want to put yourself in harms way like that and increase your chances of something devastating to you?  I guess it's just the frustration of this morning's worrying events that's talking.  To each thier own.  It's not for me to understand - God, knows I never will.

My second favorite Canadian

To not leave anyone out - my 2nd favorite Canadian also reminds me of the lead singer of a band - he reminds me of the lead singer from Five for fighting and if he sends a picture too, we'll take a poll on that as well!