Back From Ireland

Sunday, July 30, 2006

We've been back from Ireland since very late Tuesday night. Wednesday, I thought it would be a good idea to get right back to the gym and met with my trainer for a full workout. Thursday, I spent the day recovreing on the couch watching movies and catching up on TiVo (too tired to do much else because we spent most of our vacation hiking and climbing through the woods, hills and cliffs of Ireland so it wasn't a very 'relaxing' holiday). Friday morning, I met with Dan (my trainer) again and had a job booked for that night and worked until quite late. We've been spending our weekend relaxing alone together and staying out of the heat.
I have a bunch of photos to upload from our trip (one of them is above). I'm not quite the photographer I dream of being, but it doesn't ever stop me from taking roll after roll of pictures when ever we travel. I'm passionate about photography, but always end up disappointed when we get the pictures back because they're never quite as good as I expected them to be. Regardless, I enjoyed every minute of exploring Ireland and taking the photos - 11 rolls of film in 5 days.
I have to say that Ireland was probably the most beautiful place I've ever seen (I didn't think Wales could be topped). We travelled around the counties of Kerry and Cork (mostly Kerry) and stayed in a stunning Hotel in Killarney. It was a wonderful, much needed trip out of England. In the following days, I'll be giving a more detailed account of our trip along with some photos and adding new albums to my photo gallery so be sure to check back to hear all about it.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Today was one of those days for me. One of those days I can only describe as a 'female' day. A day I felt down in the dumps and horribly depressed for no real reason (besides the obvious). I've been just laying on the couch hiding from the world. No work today, no sunbed like I'd planned to do after my workout that never happened. I just laid on the couch feeling depressed. I caught up on TiVo until there were no shows left to watch and then I popped in my Elizabethtown rental that's been sitting on top of our DVD player for weeks now.
I almost sent it back without watching it because it's gotten such bad reviews and it's rare I see a movie I like these days. I loved it. It's been a really long time since I've gotten really sucked into a movie. I've worried as of late that I've become too cynical to watch movies in that kind of way, but it happened today. I got sucked into this make believe world of some fictional character and I got to watch them take their little journey through a portion of their life and it reminded me that I'm on a journey too and it inspired me - It inspired me to try and make the most of it (even though it's not always easy.
I used to have a list of things I've always wanted to do, but never have. I made the list before I met my husband and was hopeful about the road ahead. Since then, I've done some things on that list and I'm thinking maybe it's time I pick my head up and do some more of them. Tomorrow, we're leaving for Ireland. I'm going to see a new country. I'm getting a new stamp in my passport. One of those things on my list was to get a passport and go somewhere that will get me a stamp - who knew I'd have so many by now? I've never seen the sunrise. maybe if the sun comes out for our trip, I can check that box too.
So we're off tomorrow for 5 days and my plan is to make sure I enjoy it - no matter what the weather!

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Off to Ireland

We're leaving tomorrow. I checked the forecast again and it's still showing rain, but now it shows one good day of sun. I'm hoping for the rain to keep pushing back, but it's doubtful. Although, our tickets still haven't arrived from the travel agent so who knows...
It's 8:00 in the morning and it's already over 70 degrees. Looks like it will be another hot one today. I'm actually looking forward to escaping the English weather for some of the Irish cooler summer weather. Who would have thought I'd want to leave somewhere warm for somewhere cooler? It seems like a silly thing to do for a trip away, but I'm suffering through the heatwave with no escape. Come winter, I'll be complaining about the long dark winter as well. I wonder if I'll ever get used to life in England.

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Summer Weather

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

God, it's hot. It's 10 in the morning and I already feel like I need a another shower from sweating so much! Living without air conditioning really takes some getting used to (spoken like a spoiled American). This is England; I was told that English summers aren't hot, but this is my second really hot summer and tomorrow, it's going to get even hotter. It should reach over 100 and with no air conditioning or screens in my windows it looks like me and the cats will have to start to get creative with keeping cool. How do you have indoor cats with no window screens? It's no wonder they let their cats roam about in this country. With no window screens it's pretty difficult to keep them from just jumping right out. I suspect they'll spend the day out in the back yard for the next few days because there's just no other way around it the windows and back door need to stay opened. Good thing we have a fence out there!
I checked the weather for our trip this week and it's supposed to be no higher than 60 degrees in Ireland the whole time we're there; which at this rate wouldn't be bad if it wasn't supposed to rain the whole time too! What do you do in the middle of the countryside in the rain? I can think of a few things, but the hotel will have to do considering getting arrested wouldn't be much fun. 5 days of rain. I really can't believe it. Maybe the forecast will change...

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Feeling kinda guilty...

Monday, July 17, 2006

On the 8th, I wrote a bitter entry about an interview I saw on TV during which there were some 'unfriendly' remarks about Americans. I got quite a few emails and comments on this entry and I'm feeling kinda guilty about ever writing it for more than one reason...
Firstly, it makes my husband seem like a bit of a jerk which he's not. Far from it or I wouldn't have moved 5000 miles away from my friends and family to live here with him (nor would I have married him). Sure he laughs at the odd American joke (as do most British people), but he's a wonderful man and I'm crazy about him. I also have to give him credit where credit is due because the poor man has had to take the brunt of my emotions on more than one occasion (to no fault of his own)! Too many times he's been guilty by nationality and he's taken it really well every time. I wouldn't want anyone to think anything different.
Second - I know there are people who visit this blog who are either new to the UK or soon to be moving here. I don't want to put people off or give them any preconceived ideas about life in this country. This blog is about my experiences only and I'm in no way saying that it's the way it is for all Americans living in the UK. I've been here over a year and a half and expected to have more of a normal life by now. With no friends here to speak of I get lonely and feel alienated, so maybe I'm a bit more sensitive to things than others might be. I hear from a lot of people who love living in England, have a load of friends and would never think of moving back. Different people have different experiences and just because at times it's been difficult for me doesn't mean that it's the same for everyone. Please keep that in mind as you read this blog.
That being said - if there are people that visit this blog that have some positive feedback to add for those who are faced with moving here or have recently done so - I'd love for you to share your experiences with me and the visitors to this blog...
Thanks so much!

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Why the world needs Superman

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Last night, I saw Superman Returns. The movie was good, but as always with movies these days, was a bit too long and the plot needed a little help. Although I wonder if it was the first Superman Movie I've ever seen, if I'd have the same issues with it. Either way, it's not as if I walked out thinking it was a waste of time or money because at the end of the day, I liked the movie.
2006-6-17-superman_returns.jpgThere was a little girl sitting in front of me about the same age I was when I saw Superman for the first time and I wondered if she was sitting there falling in love with him the way I fell for Christopher Reeves. It was good to watch a superhero in action. A superhero I grew up with and saw on the big screen when I was a child. Superman represents something to me that Batman, Spiderman and the others don't because I was already grown by the time the movies came out. Superman, in my eyes is the real superhero. Throughout the movie, I found myself thinking things like, 'Hurry Superman! Hurry!' As if he was really going to save the day. Wouldn't it be nice if there was someone who could actually swoop in and save the day - stop the bomb from going off, catch the missile before it hits and go up against the evil villains? Wouldn't it be nice if there was such a man? I wish that there was because right now, the world needs a Superman. Right now, the world needs something good we can believe in. Wouldn't it be nice?
Maybe that's why the world needs Superman because even though there really isn't someone who can save the day, it really felt good to sit there and believe it for a little while.

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Ireland next week!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

kerry.jpg Next week, we leave for a five day holiday to Ireland. We're going to Kerry and I'm looking pretty forward to it considering I have no idea what's even there. Wayne picked it because he wanted to see the countryside and the trip is his birthday gift so he gets to go where ever he pleases. I've seen pictures of the countryside and it looks absolutely fabulous and I'm bound to take some beautiful pictures!
We were supposed to go on this trip last year, but it was before I got my visa and we had already left the country a few times and thought we should re-schedule rather than take the risk of being turned away when we got back to England. We haven't been away for any longer than a weekend (other than for a visit back home) since we got married so we're in need of some time away for a bit of a recharge. Maybe the time away will allow me to come back with some fresh eyes and I'll see things a bit different (fingers crossed). Either way, I'm looking really forward to going. It's always exciting to see a new country!

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My weekend

Monday, July 10, 2006

To update the entry below... The ride to the in-laws was not quite as bad as expected considering I had my little outburst before we even left and the result was a very quiet ride. Not a word was said the whole way up. I had 3+ hours to come to terms with the fact that although my husband could be a bit more sensitive to my feelings, he wasn't really responsible for my mood and as we got close to his parents house, I reached for his hand and we quietly held hands the rest of the way. I guess neither one of us felt much like apologising, but we never stay angry for very long.
The weekend went well. No big dramas and I'm glad to be home. I have an appt for my latest web project in about an hour and I'm still in my pajamas so I guess I should run...

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Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

Saturday, July 8, 2006

11197.jpg Did anyone see Friday Night with Johnathan Ross last night? (for those of you in the US - it's a British R-Rated, Jay Leno type show) Dominic Monaghan.jpg
He had on the actor Dominic Monaghan (who plays Charlie on Lost). While discussing the show, Dominic (who I really liked before last night) said the problem with the cast of Lost is that there are too many bloody Americans. To Which Jonathan Ross replied, 'Isn't that the problem with the world'? The audience roared with laughter and applauded (so did my husband as if he's not married to one of those bloody Americans and laying on the couch with her watching the damned show). It didn't stop there. they went on to talk about how much it annoys them that we destroy the language etc etc etc... It was yet again, another example that leads me to believe that this type of attitude is the general feeling that all people in this country seem to have. Wayne says I'm wrong, but I sometimes wonder if he too shares this opinion. Would it have been alright to say that the problem with this world is there are too many black people? Or too many Muslims or too many Jews? Why is it okay to say there are too many Americans? Why is it so damned funny?
I really try to be positive. I'm trying to adapt. I'm trying to fit in, but it always feels blaringly obvious that I don't. The longer I go without any friends, the more and more alienated I'm going to feel and I wonder if this place will ever feel like home.
I have to leave for my in-laws house in just a couple of hours. Last time I was there I had a horrible argument with Wayne's Cousin (and best friend in the world) about this very subject. I'm not looking forward to the visit and I'm not looking forward to the 3 hour car ride there because I know full well that my husband will get the brunt of my anger about the show last night because he laughed so very hard at the comment. There will no doubt be an argument. My feelings are hurt and when I'm hurt - I get angry and uncontrollably sarcastic. I'm guessing it will be a very long drive for both of us.

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A brief update...

Friday, July 7, 2006

I haven't blogged in a while. I've been so busy with my new business, web training and working on my current web job that I haven't had time for much else other than going to the gym. I haven't even had the time to keep in touch with the expats that have made contact within the last month or so and apologise for that, but after this weekend things will die down for a while because I haven't booked any new business until the end of the month (sadly).
Last week, it actually felt like I was working a full time job! I worked on my web job on my off time, and had appointments and functions for my new business 3 days last week. It didn't really drum up much new business, but it at least gave me the confidence to move forward with some leads I've been meaning to follow up on. With any luck, things will start to pick up.
My web job has been going really well. I'm still in the design fazes, but am enjoying it immensely and I'm learning a lot. It been a really good experience.
This weekend, we're going to the in-laws house (which is about a 3 hour drive) for a couple of days. I kinda dread going because they don't live close enough for me to know them really well and staying in their house always makes me feel uncomfortable, but it's just a couple of days - I'll survive.

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