A letter to my sixteen year old self...

Thursday, December 15, 2011
The following letter was inspired by reading a book called 'Dear Me - A letter to my sixteen year old self'...

You at 39
East Sussex, England (yes, England)

Dear Me,

I don't know why I'm bothering - you don't take advice and will probably ignore every word, but I'll try anyway...
- You should probably break up with Tommy. I know you won't believe this, but he's a terrible boyfriend. That being said, he'll be one of the best friends you'll ever have so tread lightly with him. Before you do though - make sure you've met Robin first. She leads you to people you won't want to miss.
- Speaking of Robin - be casual friends with her, but don't waste your time trying to be close friends - she is not worthy and will only disappoint you.
- On the subject of friends - Don't let a boy come between you & Nicole and what ever you do, do not punch Nelson Roman in the face. Nicole won't speak to you for a few years and you'll miss her every second she's gone. If by chance you do punch the little f*cker, don't worry, the rift won't last and once it passes, Nic will always be there. She'll be your rock for years and years to come.
- Contrary to what people tell you, it's not an awful thing to be sensitive and emotional. You can't change this about your self no matter how hard you try. Embrace your big heart and stop beating yourself up over it.
- Don't smoke. Seriously - just don't.
- When the next guy breaks your heart, believe me when I tell you - the lessons you'll learn from him will be well worth the heartache. A part of you will always love him. He will change your life and will teach you about love in a way that will shape you and you'll be better for it. Try to take it as gracefully as possible. Don't be ugly or angry. He'll be there for you through the years and he will play a part in leading you to happiness.
- Don't drop out of college. You'll want money and a job, but if you stay in school, you'll end up with more money in the end and move out of your mother's house much sooner (this fact should be enough to make you consider my advise).
- When you have a serious boyfriend who buys a sports car instead of a ring, you should seriously re-evaluate your relationship. Take my word for it.
- Start exercising. Your body will not stay that beautiful and if you'd start working out now, I'd really appreciate it.
- Try not to let your parents break your heart. They'll never be what you want them to be. The sooner you can accept that, the better off you'll be.
- Avoid Roger like the plague. When you meet him, run - fast. Then, save your money and take a few years to be single. Have fun and enjoy a few one night stands (oh don't be so shocked).
- On the subject of sex - don't sleep with Kevin or Sal. Neither are worth it. Oh, and Chris B is a virgin. Knowing this ahead of time will be helpful.
- I may have led you off your path so let me say this... In November before your 33rd birthday, join online dating sites and cast your net WIDE. This part is important. I know you don't know what 'online' is but it will become clear soon and calm down, 32 is NOT old! It's worth the wait.
- Pregnancy is not a license to get fat!
- Even if you ignore all of my advice, it will all work out just fine. I know it won't always feel that way, but it will be okay. You're stronger than you think you are. You won't be lucky in money, but you will be lucky in love.

With Lots of love,
A much wiser you

PS Don't forget to play your regular lottery numbers when Wayne goes into the hospital. This would be a really big help. Thanks xo

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New Meds

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
I've been having a pretty bad flare-up since I got back from the US last month. Last week, my doctor put me on new meds that have me a bit loopy. I'm hoping once I get used to them (or I finish the 2 week course he gave) that I can get back to my 5 minute writing sessions. I only got to write one, but it's a little difficult to do without a clear head. Fingers crossed, it won't be too long...

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The five minute writer

Saturday, December 10, 2011
I just bought a book called the five minute writer. It gives exercises and inspiration for daily writing of 5 minutes a day. As I don't blog nearly enough, I've decided to combine the two. The first exercise asks to describe a ritual or ritualistic behavior you take part in. Here's mine...
I love Mallomars (an American cookie which is a vanilla cookie topped with a marshmallow and covered in dark chocolate). They are my very favorite cookie of all time. When ever I eat one, I have on odd ritual that I follow (although I have no idea how or when it started, but it's been as long as I can remember). The first thing I do is press my finger onto the top of the chocolate covered marshmallow to crack the chocolate. I strip the marshmallow of the chocolate bit by bit (eating them as I go, but leaving the chocolate on the cookie base). After the marshmallow is bare, I then eat the rest of the cookie by taking bites. The first bite is always the best. I love biting into the soft fluffy marshmallow and getting the cookie and bitter sweet dark chocolate that follows. I eat every one just like that. My husband thinks it's both ridiculous and adorable at the same time. My mother hates that I do it and during the last trip to the States, I caught my son eating one in exactly the same way!
Now I desperately want a Mallomar and they don't sell them in the UK!

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