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Jersey Girl

I'm a total different person in NJ than I am in England.  I've been in Jersey a week now and I dress different, wear my hair different and even feel different.  The sad part is, I think I like the Jersey girl better.  The Jersey girl is relaxed, sexy and funny.  The England me is more reserved, dresses like a mom 90% of the time, straightens her hair and hardly ever feels 100% relaxed.  She's funny sometimes, but Jersey Girl cracks jokes a lot. I have clothes and handbags I have bought on trips to NJ that go back to England and sit in the closet and are never used.  The longer my trip to Jersey is, the bigger my earrings get too, but this time I am refraining from buying any as I know they won't be worn.  Mind you, they are never huge tacky earrings (I'm not that sort of Jersey Girl), but in England I have one pair of simple, small, white gold hoops that I wear every single day.  I think it all comes down to being comfortable in your surroundings.  It's not li

5 AM and all is well...

Well, we made it to NJ without a hitch.  Ethan was cleared by the doctor (with a 10% chance of burting his ear drum - not odds I liked, but couldn't cancel my flight on 90% odds he'd be fine).  The Doctor gave him nose drops to keep the passages open to try to prevent pressure building in his ear during the flight which apparently did the trick because he was pain free the whole time.  Thank God! The flight was OK.  I felt more boxed in than normal (probably due to the barrage of people all around me caughung and sneezing and giving me the feeling they were trying to ruin my trip) so the 7 hour flight felt like it was 12 hours.  By the time we got to bed that night, we were up nearly 24 hours and all three of us were wake by 4AM (9:00 UK time) because we couldn't adjust.  The very first morning in the hotel (that's costing us $3000 to stay in), I opened a door to find a cockroach scurrying around!  I screamed at the top of my lungs and went directly to the front desk t