New Meds

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
I've been having a pretty bad flare-up since I got back from the US last month. Last week, my doctor put me on new meds that have me a bit loopy. I'm hoping once I get used to them (or I finish the 2 week course he gave) that I can get back to my 5 minute writing sessions. I only got to write one, but it's a little difficult to do without a clear head. Fingers crossed, it won't be too long...

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  1. Chicago said...:

    Hi! I used to read your blog and then lost track of it. I was glad to come across it again, and read that things had brightened a little for you, in terms of making some friends.

    I see you were having some painful issues with your health, and I hope you are doing better now.

  1. Erren said...:

    Hi Chicago,
    I'm really sorry, I'm only just seeing this, but I wanted to make sure I thanked you for your kind words :-)