5 AM and all is well...

Sunday, July 1, 2012
Well, we made it to NJ without a hitch.  Ethan was cleared by the doctor (with a 10% chance of burting his ear drum - not odds I liked, but couldn't cancel my flight on 90% odds he'd be fine).  The Doctor gave him nose drops to keep the passages open to try to prevent pressure building in his ear during the flight which apparently did the trick because he was pain free the whole time.  Thank God!
The flight was OK.  I felt more boxed in than normal (probably due to the barrage of people all around me caughung and sneezing and giving me the feeling they were trying to ruin my trip) so the 7 hour flight felt like it was 12 hours.  By the time we got to bed that night, we were up nearly 24 hours and all three of us were wake by 4AM (9:00 UK time) because we couldn't adjust.  The very first morning in the hotel (that's costing us $3000 to stay in), I opened a door to find a cockroach scurrying around!  I screamed at the top of my lungs and went directly to the front desk to make a fuss and get our room changed.  The manager took me into the kitched to assure me it was a fluke.  You would think she would never have done that if there was a problem in the hotel, but I'm not feeling any better.  We are now on the top floor with a much better view, but I'm not feeling the love.  I'm afraid to turn on a light thinking that I'm going to send roaches scattering! I'm pretty sure we will  probably be finding another hotel.  As soon as the 4th has come and gone as everything is booked solid until then.  The only reason we have the top floor better view room is because someone didn't show for check-in yesterday.
Did I mention it's 5:00 AM?  I can't adjust to NJ time.  I've been up since 4:00.  Yesterday all three of us were up.  Today, I'm stiiting here starving and bored with quite a few hours to kill before it would be considered acceptable to wake my exhausted son and husband.  The kitchen dosen't even serve breakfast for 2 hours.  I'm exhausted, but I just couldn't sleep so here I sit.
Anyway, all that aside, we had a great day in the 90+ degree heat yesterday.  We went to my mom's and spent the whole day in the pool with my parents and my sister.  It was a really wonderful day.  No family stresses, no dramas - just a great day relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.  For the first time in many, many years it felt like coming home.  Let's hope it stays that way...

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