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Top 20 Lists

Recently, a magazine here in the UK issued their list of their Top 100 women in show business. This sparked conversation between Wayne and I and one rainy weekend when we had nothing to do, we compiled our own Top 20 lists. The rules were we had to judge on looks alone (not their physique) and only one token model was allowed.

For fun, I thought I'd add our lists here for you to view and enjoy. Maybe it will even spark conversation between you and a friend or loved one.

Wayne and I actually had a really good time creating our lists together - judging each other's taste in the opposite sex and laughing over how long it took for us to prioritize our selections. We still change the order every time we look at it! (although our top five have remained the same)

Enjoy and feel free to comment!

1) Jude Law
Actor (Alfie)
2) Tom Welling
Actor (Smallville, Clark)
3) Michael Vartan
Actor (Alias)
4) David Beckham
Footballer (Soccer Player)
5) Brad Pitt
Actor (Troy)
6) Paul Walker
Actor (Fast & Furious)
7) Josh Holloway
Actor (Lost, Sawyer)
8) Orlando Bloom
Actor (Lord of the Rings)
9) Matthew Fox
Actor (Lost, Jack)
10) Matthew McConaughey
Actor (The Wedding Planner)
11) Jason Lewis
Model/Actor (Sex and the City)
12) Julian McMahon
Actor (Nip Tuck)
13) Colin Farrell
Actor (Alexander)
14) Tom Cruise
Actor (War of the Worlds)
15) Ian Somerhalder
Actor (Lost, Boon)
16) Dermot Mulroney
Actor (The Wedding Date)
17) Robbie Williams
18) Matt Damon
Actor (The Bourne Supremacy)
19) Heath Ledger
Actor (A Knight's Tale)

20) Lenny Kravitz

Wayne's List:

1) Kate Beckinsale
Actress (Van Helsing)
2) Angelina Jolie
Actress (Tomb Raider)
3) Kristen Kreuk
Actress (Smallville, Lana)
4) Evangeline Lilly
Actress (Lost, Kate)
5) Eliza Dushku
Actress (Wrong Turn)
6) Poppy Montgomery
Actress (Without A Trace)
7) Jennifer Garner
Actress (Alias)
8) Sandra Bullock
Actress (Murder By Numbers)
9) Eva Longoria
Actress (Desprate Housewives, Gabrielle)
10) Charisma Carpenter
Actress (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
11) Monica Bellucci
Actress (The Matrix Reloaded)
12) Shannon Elizabeth
Actress (American Pie)
13) Penelope Cruz
Actress (Vanilla Sky)
14) Salma Hayek
Actress (Desperado)
15) Jennifer Lopez
16) Jessica Alba
Actress (The Fantasic Four)
17) Charlize Theron
Actress (Monster)
18) Kylie Minogue
Singer (very big in the UK)
19) Jennifer Love Hewitt
Actress (I Know What you Did Last Summer)
20) Rhona Mitra
Actress (Boston Legal, Tara)


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