Still smoke free??

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I've been asked by a few people lately if I am still smoke free.  The answer is YES!!  Woo-hoo!   

No Smoking
It's been a struggle - especially when Wayne and I have a good fight - I just want to go out and smoke a whole pack just to spite him!  I even made it to the store once but thankfully, after walking quite a ways, the store was closed!  That was the one and only day I was grateful that I can't drive here because after the walk, I didn't want one anymore.  I could have easily gone to the nearest pub to buy a pack there, but by then, it was pointless (Wayne later told me that he would have made me eat the ones I didn't smoke if I had bought a pack!)

I only wish I had quit long before this move, because here in the UK, there are a lot more smokers and I smell it everywhere I go.  I wish I could say it turned my stomach , but for the most part, it just makes me want a cigarette!  After 7 months of not smoking - it's just a choice and I've chosen not to. 

I'm So ProudVictory dance --> Wakka Wakka

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