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My feet are freezing...

It's cold this morning, that damp early Autumn cold that chills you to the bone.  As I type, I'm thinking I need to get some socks because my feet are freezing.  My joints hurt and my body feels broken down.  I wonder if a day will ever come that I don't wake up intensely aware of my body because of the pain.  I have been living with arthritis and symptoms that come with it for a all of my adult life and sometimes, it gets tiresome and I wish I could leave it for a while. 

Most people think it's a disease that just effects your joints, but it's so much more than that because when your joints are inflamed, so are the muscles.  The muscles effect the nerves... blah blah blah... Boring isn't it?  I hate to talk about it, but today the fatigue mixed with the pain is frustrating me.  It's hard to concentrate, so my courses are wasted on my brain that just isn't absorbing any new information.

I hate the change of season when it's from warm to cold.  It hurts like hell and doesn't really let up until Spring.  It's a long fall and winter and I'm never quite ready for it.  I really need to get some socks...

I don't like to complain or feel sorry for myself.  There are so many that live with illnesses far worse than mine.  I am lucky and am blessed to have a life that brings me such happiness and such peace.  It's surreal that I can be so fortunate.  Life thus far has not been easy, but now, at the end of each day, I can lay down in the arms of my husband and feel a the true meaning of the word felicity.  For that I am blessed so I will not complain.

I think I'll go get those socks...


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