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Alfie: 1 down - 8 lives to go...

Alfie: 1 down - 8 lives to go...
My Alfie fell out the 2nd floor window the other day and gave me quite a scare. We were getting ready for my in-laws to arrive and Wayne opened the window to the guestroom to air it out a bit. We closed the door to the room to keep the cats out (we thought we did anyway)and continued with our preparation for his parents arrival.
I was running around like a mad woman trying to make the house perfect while Wayne took a shower. I went into the hallway for some reason and saw the guestroom door open with Alfie and Luka both on the windowsill. Alfie was exploring out the window, lost his balance and started to fall out the window. He panicked and tried to grab onto the side of the sill, but I saw his little head disappear and was sure I just witnessed his demise. At that point I lost it and I mean LOST it!
I ran to the bathroom where Wayne was showering, screaming and crying - just pointing to the guestroom window. My husband ran dripping and naked as a jaybird for the guestroom. He chased Luka from the windowsill (who had half his body out the window last I saw him), and closed the window. He came back and said Luka was fine (thinking I was so distraught because I was afraid Luka would fall - as if I'm THAT neurotic) and he hugged me to get me to calm down. I somehow got the words out that Alfie had already fallen. Wayne then yelled at me to go check if Alfie was ok while he put some cloths on. I was terrified I'd find my little Alfie dead on the pavement and couldn't move. Wayne ran to the window and yelled that Alfie was okay and to go and get him. I tore down the stairs and to the back doors and found them locked. I fumbled with the keys still sobbing, ran into the yard and found no Alfie. I screamed up to Wayne and he came down wrapped in a towel (it was really cold out too) and ran out to look for Alfie. He jumped onto both side fences looking to see if the cat jumped over and then I found him behind a plant. Alfie was terrified. I opened the door and he ran into the house looking relieved to be back inside. He was fine. Not a scratch on him.
I didn't stop crying for another 10 minutes or so. Wayne then informed me that I am useless under crisis (as if I didn't figure that out). In my defense - it was quite a drop (I attached a picture of the height he fell but he fell from, but it was in the back of the house and it was a straight drop with no roof to catch him). I did think I witnessed his death, which is a horrible moment and fell apart. I don't think I would always be completely useless under crisis- I once saved my nephew after falling into the pool at the age of 2- Cyrus said he'd never seen me move so fast, so I am capable of acting when need be...


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