Been a while...

Thursday, November 3, 2005
I know it's been forever since I have written anything worth reading.  I am wondering as I type if there could possibly be anyone left that actually checks this site anymore.

I don't know why I haven't written.  I guess it's the start of winter.  It tends to bring me down because I feel so crappy all the time.  The last few weeks I have been just keeping to myself when Wayne's not around and when he is, I'm quite happy just being with him.

I am still working on teaching myself web development, but have not done a site yet because quite honestly, every time I set out to so a simple site (which I could easily do) - I think it's not good enough and decide to wait until I learn how to do everything I want to do.  It will be a while longer I'm sure.  I'm making good progress though, but do wish a lot of the time I had a teacher that could give guidance when need be.  Since I don't, it will just take me that much longer to get through it.  Such is life...

To those of you who still bother to check this blog - I will try to start updating daily or at the very least a few times a week. 

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