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Sony Commercial/ the in-laws

Have you seen the new Sony commercial with the bouncing balls? It's a great commercial visually and the music is absolutely beautiful. I just found out that it's by Jose Gonzalez and the name of the song is Heartbeats. I downloaded it today and I LOVE it so it's my song of the day (Haven't done that in forever)! If you want to see the commercial go to -
No time for much else - Wayne's parents are coming for a visit (Thurs - Monday OH MY!!) so I'm going to have my own little Thanksgiving. It's my first in-laws visit ever (my ex's parents never came to visit in almost 8 years that I lived with him), so I'm pretty nervous about it. I really want his Mom (mum) to like me. I'm cleaning like a mad woman and I have 1000 things to so, I have to run - Wish me luck!!

Happy Thanksgiving


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The other mother and I went into the school to meet with the teacher and the assistant head.  We both let them know how upset we were that we were not informed that our children were sent to the office and how much we were against the children being allowed to play fighting games on the playground.  I told them I wouldn't allow it at home and I'm really unhappy that it's being allowed at school.  They admitted it was a problem and explained that they are planning to introduce a a scheme to teach the children to play in a safe way.  They will be calling it 'Super Hero Training'.  They plan to give out capes & masks out to children who behave well as rewards at playtime.  They will have assemblies where they will teach the children to play fighting games without making contact.  I find this to be absurd.  The problem has gone on to long and I doubt they will be able to teach little children to change their games when they have sixty other children to look after o…

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