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What I wouldn't do for an Eggo!

I woke up this morning dying for a waffle with butter and syrup. The problem is - you can't get waffles in England. Not American waffles anyway. They sell them here in a package that's decorated with an American flag advertising them as American waffles, but who ever manufactures these things obviously never tasted an American Waffle! They are cake like, sweet and dry. In short - they're NOT waffles.
When I was home last, I bought a big bottle of pancake syrup and smuggled it back thinking I could make some pancakes from Bisquick mix I saw in the store, but once again they're nothing like our pancakes and I was very disappointed.
Believe it or not, even the English muffins aren't the same or even very good. I bought them and when I cut it open (no they don't have fork split like Thomas'), I was shocked - All I could think was - where are the nooks? Where are the crannies? I thought they can't you go wrong with English muffins, but no nooks or crannies - terribly disappointing!
I've also been craving a salt bagel with butter, but as I'm sure you guessed, they don't do bagels very well either. I'm breakfast challenged here. No Lucky Charms, no original Cheerios and no Apple Jacks either! I miss the egos the most though. What I wouldn't do for an Eggo. Maybe for my birthday, Wayne will get me a waffle maker (if they even sell them here!).


Mindy said…
Wow I'll never take breakfast for granted again!
I like the changes Er. You're doing great! Better than I could ever do!
Keep your chin up.
Gregory Palmer said…
I really like the new sleeker Blog style you went with Erren, and the way you are using your pictures. I can remember things as far as foods I missed when I was in Ireland and I stayed there only 3 months. Can you get anything sent to you in the Post? I don't even remember the last time I had a waffle but after reading your Blog I am dying for one. Luckily I am about a thousand yards from a supermarket with plenty of them. The Muffins in Ireland were just as messed up as you describe. WE get spoiled on stuff in the states. Keep up the good work, yer doing great and I am digging hearing about your life. Freak! = )
Did you borrow any of your, "Pond-Hopper" logo (is it registered in any way?) or did you create it using photoshop?
Erren said…
Thank you Mr Palmer. I'm glad you like the layout. I have been torn on whether it should be sleek and look like a 'web design' or try and make it look more unique and less typical. For now, I'll stick to what I can do. The logo is mine from photoshop. I must admit that I got the idea for the refrigerator theme (on from something I saw, but I re-created things and made it my own. 'Pond Hopper' I came up with myself, but it looks like I'm not the only one because when I went to register the domain 'pondhopper' (with no dash) it was already taken, although there was no site on the web address (then or now and that was about 8 months ago).
I knew my post would make people want waffles! Enjoy them if you have them. Lucky Duck!
and I am not a freak! I can't imagine why you would keep calling me that =)
greenbranches said…
I have a few tips for you :-)
1) Get a waffle maker. They sell them here :-)
2) If you like baking, make your own bagels. If you like me and like baking but don't like to take it to extremes, get a bread making machine with a bagel setting. Once the dough is done all you need to do is shape the bagels, boil them, brush w/ egg white and sprinkle on salt, seeds etc, then bake them. And Philadelphia cream cheese is sold here.
- Signed, another American expat who craves bready things

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