English winter weather...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Yesterday, someone left a really nice post about this blog on an American Expat forum I belong to (the forum is http://www.americanexpats.co.uk if you're interested - it's a really good forum with truck loads of information). They said all kinds of nice things about this blog and now I feel the need to be clever, thoughtful or informative. Truth be told, I'm not feeling very clever today. The weather here has been rainy and cold for nearly two weeks now and it's not really good for me, my arthritis or my mood. Fatigue seems to be taking over today.
Doug (Wayne's best mate and my only friend in England) is coming over for dinner tonight. I don't know how that happened. It was like one of those moments that you see on 50s sitcoms - Honey, I'm bringing a friend home for dinner tonight (unfortunately, I can't just wiggle my nose or nod my head and have dinner ready).... Before he gets here, I have to cook a pasta meal (complete with homemade tomato sauce), clean the house and try to get some work done (I treat my web design training as a full time job). It's after 11:30 already. The morning has gotten away from me and I don't really feel like doing any of it. The couch, the faux fur throw and DVD player are calling me. I'd love nothing more right now than to curl up with my cats under the warm throw and spend the day watching movies, but I need to fight it and get to work. Maybe tomorrow I will feel like being clever...

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