Just to prove a point....

Wednesday, February 15, 2006
This entry is to prove a point to my husband which will make absolutely no sense to anyone else...
My high school sweetheart was a terrible cheat and an awful boyfriend (Sorry T.... if you ever read this - Wayne says I think you're a saint ... I don't, but love you anyway).
My ex husband was a great guy and a wonderful friend while we were together (my husband also says I never have anything good to say about him).
Roger is a sorry Fuck - I just felt like saying that.
I don't want to leave anyone out so - hmmm... M is one of my all time favorite people & one of the funniest guys I've ever met. I love that he cracks him self up more than anyone. I can just see him laughing at his own jokes... and the thought of it makes me laugh.
Hi Palmer. You're not an ex, but I thought I'd give you a honorable mention anyway...
So there Wayne! Tongue Out and I will not come down stairs in the middle of the night and change it!!

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