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My Weekend...

I had a really good weekend. It started out Friday; we went out to dinner with Dougie. We went into town and couldn't get a table at our restaurant of choice for an hour and decided to book the table and go to a pub for a drink while we waited - bad idea. It was a bad idea for a few reasons - 1) Wayne was driving, which meant he couldn't drink (never fun when the rest of your party is drinking). 2) Doug already had a few drinks before we picked him up (quite common for Doug to do). 3) I didn't have a great week and needed a couple of drinks myself...
Needless to say Doug and I got a bit intoxicated (well Doug was a little more than a bit intoxicated, but that's what happens when you get a head start before even leaving the house). You know I'm a bit drunk when I'm running down the street holding hands with Dougie and giggling like a child (wearing high heels no less) to go see a fight down the street. I'm usually the one pulling Doug away from seeing the fight...
At dinner we started conversation with the table next to us and before long, we were all rolling with laughter. I love how alcohol can make conversation so real. People just speak their mind so freely and the result is often refreshing and quite entertaining. There was a couple at the table that have been trying to have a baby for the last year and they told us all about their efforts. This included the husband giving the details of his trip to donate a 'sample' at the clinic! I laughed sitting in that restaurant more than I had in a really long time.
After dinner, we went to a club that was next door and met up with the group that ate next to us. We probably should have went home after dinner, but didn't (much to Wayne's disappointment). I had one more drink than I should have and Doug had a few more than that. The end result was a very late start for all of us the next day. Wayne and I didn't leave for London until nearly 2:00 and Doug called to tell us he didn't get to work until 11:00AM (when he was supposed to be there at 6:00).
Saturday night, Wayne & I went to a play in London and then to dinner. The play was called Resurrection Blues and starred Matthew Modine & Neve Campbell (as well as some lesser known actors). It was really quite poor and my neck is still killing me from trying to see over the people in front of me (one of the many down sides to being short)! The highlight of my experience at the theatre was seeing a British celebrity walk past me outside the theatre as he was leaving (Steven Fry - not known by Americans, but very famous on this side of the world).
The rest of the night was really lovely. We had a fabulous meal at a Thai restaurant called Thai Silk. It was probably the best Thai food that we've ever had and then went back to the hotel.
We stayed at the Thistle Tower on the River Themes. We had a nice room that had a view of the river as well as The Tower of London. Before turning in for the night, we went out and took some pictures of Tower Bridge lit up. I'm hoping they came out really well and will post them soon.
Sunday, we went for a tour of the Tower. I've been there before, but have never been inside. I got to see the Crown Jewels which made it well worth it. I do suggest doing this tour in the warmer months though because it was really cold and there are very few parts of the castle that are heated. It's not for anyone who finds cold weather unpleasant (as I do). Wayne and I have decided that next year, we're going back to Jamaica for our anniversary and for my birthday, we'll be better off in Spain rather than Paris. The cold didn't ruin either trip, but I must admit that it would have been much nicer if it had been warmer - Live and learn. All in all it was a lovely, much needed good time!


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