Sad news from back home

Tuesday, March 7, 2006


This morning I got an email informing me that my cat, Kida (that I had to give up when I moved here), died. I don't really know the details because I never finished reading the email. It was too said and I took it much harder than I thought I would.
The couple who adopted him were good people and I know that he was well taken care of and loved. The day they came to pick him up, I was a real mess. It took me a good while to actually bring him out. I sat with Kida crying until I got the strength to bring him to them. They took him from me and Dale (the man who emailed me this morning) hugged me and told me he would take good care of him. Even though I didn't know these people well, I knew from that heartfelt hug, that they were the right choice and never worried too much. I'm just surprised how sad the news has made me...

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  1. Mindy said...:

    I'm so sorry to hear it Er. I know how much you loved him.

  1. Stephie said...:

    I left a comment earlier about feeling lonely and missing friends. I am in the process of finding a new home for my cat and my heart just broke reading about your story. I don't know how I'm going to say good-bye to her when I have to give her away :(