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Thursday, March 16, 2006

One of my favourite shows on television is Scrubs. I think it

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  1. Erren said...:

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  1. Mindy said...:

    I hate using fitting rooms in stores because I'm afraid I'm being filmed or someone is behind the mirror looking at me and I check hotel rooms for cameras!
    You're right Er it does feel good. Lucky for me nobody I know reads this blog (except for Mike but he already knows I'm a loon!) lol
    Terrific entry you fucken maniac! Do you really think Wayne's going to get killed quoting a job or is that more of a sometimes it crosses my mind kind of thing? You are too funny!!

  1. Erren said...:

    No Min, it's not like i constantly think it's going to happen, but I do secretly think about it when he's gone too long.
    True story - He once left me in the car while he looked at a job. He said he'd be 10 minutes and after 45 minutes, I panicked and knocked on the door to make sure he was okay (in my defense there was also a drunk guy that kept passing the car and scaring me). Needless to say - we had a good discussion that night and he hasn't left me in the car since! lol I know - crazy!

  1. Nicole said...:

    I don't allow shoes in my house because I think of all the places people have walked. What about that dried up dog pee on the sidewalk you don't know you stepped in. Now you're going to walk into my home and slide your feet on my rugs. Gross! Yes the thoughts get deeper as I think about my kids backpacks being thrown up onto my counter after being God knows where. I don't mind so much on my tile because when people leave out comes the mop and the bleach. You know kind of like your bathroom thing. As for the rest of my mental state I will only say "I'm a womanv on Prozac" and that says it all.
    Love Nic

  1. Erren said...:

    You're so funny Nic - I thought you might have a little something to add! =)
    BTW - I took your last name out. I just don't like identifying information (maybe it's just another bit of crazy seeping out...)

  1. Aniela said...:

    We visited friends on Saturday and one of them had just come off a London bus before meeting Ruby. She asked to hold her which was no problem, but a few minutes later she said "oh she must still be hungry, she is eating my fingers"!!! I panicked inside and all I could stand there and think about was how Ruby was getting all these London bus germs in her mouth!! Tried to figure out a non-neurotic way to ask my friend to wash her hands, but luckily Rubes decided to have a little pukey moment and it was the end of London bus fingers in her mouth ;) I figure I still have plenty of moments like this to come!! Must start bringing anti-bacterial gel with me to ask people to use before holding her - hope I don't come across as OCD!! Aniela :)

  1. Erren said...:

    That's so funny, because while you were here I thought you might be thinking the same thing about me when I used my finger to quite her while you were getting ready to feed her. lol At least after reading my thing you know my hands are always clean!

  1. Freddie said...:

    As a male, I try to be understanding of such behavior. I have my own quirks.