Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm out of commission for the second day today with severe muscle spasms and a pinched nerve in my back. The pain is honestly awful. I can't even take a deep breath without crying out. I'm not sure what caused it. This sort of thing happens from time to time with my condition. I can be fine one moment and the next I'll bend over to tend to a load of laundry and I'll be in excruciating pain. Yesterday, I went to put moisturizer on my legs after my shower and I've been in pretty bad shape ever since.
I went to meet my trainer at the gym anyway to see if he could help me stretch thinking it might help and ended up even worse last night. We speculated over and over about what could have done it, (I think he feels responsible in some way), but I think the bottom line is that I'm just broken. I was broken before starting at the gym and I'll probably still be broken once I'm fit. This is just a part of being me and living with my condition. I just try to tell myself that it could be a lot worse and considering what other illnesses can do to people - I'm pretty lucky.
I'll blog again when I'm feeling better...

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