What a difference a day makes

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm feeling pretty good today. It was only yesterday I was feeling down, sluggish and forcing myself to go to the gym, but today I was up early and back from the gym by 11am. The heats been brutal but my mood feels lifted. I can attribute this to a few of things...

1) I have a bit of business coming in with my new make-up artist venture and I at least feel like it might go somewhere slowly.
2) I met with my personal trainer yesterday to go over his website I'll be doing for him. I worked on it today and it really feels good to finally be doing a site for someone else. It also feels good to have the confidence to take it on.
3) I've had some fellow expats contact me recently that have really made me feel so much better. It's been really nice to have someone to relate with for a change (other than my husband of course) that isn't going to make some silly American joke, only to point out the obvious - I'm different than everyone else around me.

I still have three football matches a day to endure until the world cup is over, but compared to yesterday - I'm really feeling better. I guess I can only take it one day at a time.

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  1. Aniela and Ruby said...:

    Don't forget to watch England versus Trinidad (on Thursday) and be secretly cheering for T&T :) Heehee... don't tell Wayne!!! Hi to him though and hope you both are having a great week - am glad that you are feeling better - I too am experiencing a smile today as we are going up to MA on Friday, just for the weekend, but will be great to actually talk to someone who can converse back (besides Herman of course, although he is lately married to his computer!)... Luv to you both and will be in touch soon, me and Rubes

  1. Aniela said...:

    England won!!!!!!!!!!! The poor Trinis :(
    Herms was so very disappointed but is still hopeful that Sweden vs Paraguay will end in T&T's favor - ah, world cup fever in our house - even tho, no one else in this country is interested!!
    Hope you both are well..