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Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

11197.jpg Did anyone see Friday Night with Johnathan Ross last night? (for those of you in the US - it's a British R-Rated, Jay Leno type show) Dominic Monaghan.jpg
He had on the actor Dominic Monaghan (who plays Charlie on Lost). While discussing the show, Dominic (who I really liked before last night) said the problem with the cast of Lost is that there are too many bloody Americans. To Which Jonathan Ross replied, 'Isn't that the problem with the world'? The audience roared with laughter and applauded (so did my husband as if he's not married to one of those bloody Americans and laying on the couch with her watching the damned show). It didn't stop there. they went on to talk about how much it annoys them that we destroy the language etc etc etc... It was yet again, another example that leads me to believe that this type of attitude is the general feeling that all people in this country seem to have. Wayne says I'm wrong, but I sometimes wonder if he too shares this opinion. Would it have been alright to say that the problem with this world is there are too many black people? Or too many Muslims or too many Jews? Why is it okay to say there are too many Americans? Why is it so damned funny?
I really try to be positive. I'm trying to adapt. I'm trying to fit in, but it always feels blaringly obvious that I don't. The longer I go without any friends, the more and more alienated I'm going to feel and I wonder if this place will ever feel like home.
I have to leave for my in-laws house in just a couple of hours. Last time I was there I had a horrible argument with Wayne's Cousin (and best friend in the world) about this very subject. I'm not looking forward to the visit and I'm not looking forward to the 3 hour car ride there because I know full well that my husband will get the brunt of my anger about the show last night because he laughed so very hard at the comment. There will no doubt be an argument. My feelings are hurt and when I'm hurt - I get angry and uncontrollably sarcastic. I'm guessing it will be a very long drive for both of us.


Nancy Southcott said…
no one feels your pain like I do. I am one of the only americans in the north somerset area near bristol. i get it all the time here, at bbqs, parties, you name it. I always take it as well. ...such a good sport "my luv" i am told. i get fed up too. feel free to email me are not alone
Erren said…
Thanks so much Nancy. I suspect we're not the only ones that have to be constant good sports! It's an every day thing these days dealing with the American jokes. Everyone I know says at least one thing a day and all I can do is smile politely and try to look amused. It's getting quite old. I'd love to meet someone who sees me as 'me' instead of 'the American' that they like poking fun at. I feel like the kid at school that gets picked on daily...
Andrea said…
Hi, although I live in the US, I enjoy your blog. I wanted to tell you about the"American joke" that I was told in 2002. I was visiting a friend and her husband (both British) and the three of us and some others were at a pub. My friend's husband was drunk--not that that is an excuse, but he proceeded to wobble on his bar stool and pretend to fall off while saying "Look! I'm the World Trade Center!!" I kind of smiled but didn't say anything. But, boy was I furious!! My friend and another person did tell him that it was a rude thing to say, but he didn't seem to apologetic.
Also, is Dominic's comment an example of biting the hand that feeds you? I mean, he is is on an American TV show and getting a paycheck (presumably) in dollars.
Erren said…
I think someone would have to hold me back if I heard such a joke! My goodness, some people are just awful!
I agree that dear Dominic is biting the hand that feeds him and not only that, but his girlfriend is rumored to be Evangeline Lilly (Kate on Lost), who is also American... Maybe he thinks Americans are okay in small doses. Or maybe we're ok as long as we're paying him or providing sexual favors! :)
Jeremy said…
I've only been here for a little while, so I haven't experience this problem yet. I did have one experience. Actually it was my wife and she went to a job interview were there were 25 other people (that's whole other story), but most of the people were new to the UK from countries other than the US. They were all amazed that she had decided to come here from the US. See people can hate the US, make jokes, and talk bad but when comes down to it, people really want to live in the US. I'm not saying that's the case for most people in the UK, but it is for most of world.
Alicia said…
I get this all the time. I used to try to smile and be a good sport - now I just tell them to p*$$ off (pardon my French). I then go on to point out all the carppy bits about the UK (and believe me, I find plenty). They often say, if you don't like it, why don't you leave? To which I answer - I would, but your legal system won't let me take my kids. Guess they like having us yanks here that much. I completely feel your pain, we watched the Jonathon Ross interview and if my boyfriend had agreed with that little runt, he would have been out one girlfriend, believe me. As it was, he got to sit and listen to me slag off that pair of jerks for half an hour. And yes, he is biting the hand that feeds him. But maybe they should publicise that interview, and see how his girlfriend reacts. And I've heard a few World Trade Centre jokes, and I say, 'Wow, how about if I do a London bombing joke - do you think that would be funny? Or how about a Princess Diana joke - what a larf?' I am absolutely amazed at people's insensitivity. Anytime you want to vent about this place or just chat, please feel free to email me - believe me, I can rant with the best of them!!! I enjoy your blog - just don't let this place get to you.
Richard Howitt said…
Dear Erren,
Sorry you feel that way about being an American. If you cannot take a joke about your Nationality I would suggest you go back "home".
Erren said…
Dear Richard,
It's comments like your's that remind me I'm not at home here

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