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Bank Holiday Weekend

This weekend is a long holiday weekend here in the UK. Don't ask me what the holiday is because nobody seems to ever know what holiday their celebrating. They just refer to it as 'Bank Holiday Monday'. Wayne's sister and family will be coming for the weekend. I'm honestly not looking to forward to it. It's not like I don't like them, but this house is way too small for six people and two cats. Last time they came, it took me days to recover! Nancy, Wayne's niece (and I guess mine too) who's turning 6 next month, LOVES me. When ever she's around she doesn't leave my side for even a second. The child even follows me to the bathroom. Not a mother myself, using the bathroom in front of a small child is a bit unnerving for me, so I've had to find creative ways to distract her so I can sneak away for a bit of privacy. I've bought some arts and crafts projects for us to do together so I don't spend the entire time drawing pictures that turn out looking like she's the one that drew them (I've never been a very strong artist). I don't think I've ever had a conversation with my sister-in-law because as soon as I walk in the door, her daughter steals me away and there's not a bit of adult conversation for the rest of the day. I tell myself this is just a bit of training for motherhood.
Anyway, I'm meant to be cleaning today in preparation for their visit, but can't seem to bring myself to start. I took a walk to the shops, ran some errands and went to the gym, but haven't started the housework yet. Well, that's not exactly true - I took the curtains in one of the spare rooms down to wash them and when I took them out of the machine, they were so wrinkled that I put them back in (thinking I left them too long). I put them through a quick cycle, took them out and they were no better. I asked Wayne - Can't we just throw them away and buy some new ones?? I'm supposed to be ironing them today. I've started and stopped twice. What a job it's been! Laundry in this country, seems to be an art I will never master! I wasn't meant to be a housewife! Don't get me wrong - I keep a clean house and I cook really good, but honestly, I'm a shit housewife and I miss the days of tumble dryers that didn't wrinkle your cloths so they didn't require ironing. It's nearly 3:00 - if I start now, maybe by the time Wayne gets home (at 5:00) I'll have it done...


Aniela said…
Was really nice to talk to you last night and this afternoon - hope your weekend goes well with your in-laws! Hi to Wayne :) Speak next week, Aniela

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