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Random Thoughts

It's been a hot September. I don't remember the summer lasting this long last year. It's supposed to go up to 80 degrees (27 celcius) today. It's hot already and again, I'm wishing I had air conditioning. I laugh to myself every time I have to move the fan over by my desk just to try to stay cool while sitting here (as if I've moved to some antiquated country). Unfortunately, the fan doesn't help much in the rest of the house. I've learned to do my laundry early in the day (that damn machine lets off a lot of heat), take cool showers and to cook later in the day (although that kitchen is always like a sauna).
Wayne built a contraption using some copper wire along the top of the fence in the back yard that's supposed to keep the cats from being able to get over it (Luka learned how to a few weeks ago) so I can keep the door open during the day and open some windows. His contraption was unsuccessful because earlier this week, I had to watch with baited breath as Luka attempted to get himself through it while jumping the fence. He's not a graceful cat on the ground never mind on the fence topped with wiring. I envisioned watching helplessly while he hung himself in front of me, but he made it over and back again. Luckily, the experience was enough to keep him on our side of the fence for the time being.
Some mornings while I'm drinking my coffee and settling in for the day, I listen online to my old radio station from back home. It's such a comfort to hear music from home and to hear American voices in the room. 'What it takes' by Aerosmith is playing and although this song reminds me of a painful break-up, I feel more at home just hearing music that can take me back to a time and place I feel familiar with. When the morning crew come in, I'll switch back to Jo Whiley on Radio One here in the UK and I'll be swept back to reality and this place I'm still trying to make my home.
I know I'm writing about a bunch of nothing today, but I needed to write something to try to get myself back to it before too much time went by. This blog really helps to get my thoughts straight when I'm feeling out of sorts and today, I'm out of sorts (although I can't really put my finger on why)...
Something noteworthy - The other day, I was finally able to open a bank account with a checkbook and a debit card! I'm nearly a grown up again :-)


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