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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I haven't written in at least a week (the calender you see isn't visible to me at the moment and I'm too tired to look).  I've been busy with work.  My cosmetics supplier is not playing nice with their advertising guidelines and I've had to re-evaluate how to bring in business without rocking the boat with my advertising methods (I don't like playing by the rules).  I've spent the last week and a half trying to find good ways to advertise on line and I'm coming up short in confidence with any of the options I've found. 
It's a tricky thing this business of mine.  Wayne and I don't need the money and considering I don't like to play by the rules, I always thought it was just a matter of time before they sent me packing.  The thing is that I've grown to depend on it to keep me sane and busy - not to mention, I bring in pretty good money as well.  Last week when I got the warning letter from my supplier, it hit me quite hard.  I knew it would come, but I'm not ready yet so I've decided that playing by the rules is what I'll need to do to keep myself sane and in business.  Now, I just have to figure out how to do it by the book (the bastards and their rules!).
Anyway, I thought I should say something so people know I'm still alive.   I'm alive, tired and really hoping the soccer game Wayne is watching ends soon because I'm sick of sitting here trying to keep busy.  As a rule, Wayne and I have decided to never have a second TV in the bedroom because we think if we start separating into separate rooms - the easier it will become to do it more and more often (not to mention you end up watching TV in bed instead of other things you can be doing to entertain yourself in the bedroom).  We don't want that kind of marriage.  The downside of this rule is nights like tonight waiting for Manchester United to finish playing...

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  1. Aniela said...:

    Hey dearie - sorry to hear that they are being uppity about how you advertise! Sorry we haven't been in touch this week either - we have been out most days with some other moms :) Today we babysat another little one, only 5 months old - Ruby was real good but started to crawl instead of her usual walking!!!! I think she was just calling out for attention!! Even though I was juggling paying attention to both her and the little boy pretty well :) Anywho, hope you and Wayne have a wonderful Easter - we are up to my mom's for the weekend early tomorrow. Speak soon, Aniela