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My new neighbors

About a month ago, I had new neighbors move in next door.  I had high hopes for  quiet neighbors.  The one that moved out, was far from unobtrusive.  I made the mistake of introducing myself when she moved in.  Two hours later, I was still standing in my driveway while she cried, telling me about her ex and their split.  I felt really sorry for her and listened patiently (still holding my gym bag and really late for starting dinner).  That day was the first of many.  She showed up weekly after that (unannounced) and would talk and talk.  The woman never let me get a word in edgewise - I still wonder if she even knew I was American! :-)  I always let her in.  I'm not the type to be mean.  I just can't say no to people who apparently need someone to talk to.  Now that she moved, she only pops in once a month -  Still unannounced (a huge pet-peeve of mine)...
So, when my new neighbors moved in, I didn't introduce myself and thought there was no way they could invade my space if we never met.  I was sadly mistaken.  They don't need to knock on my door to invade my space.  One of the biggest problems I've had with the wife is the fact that she's a big fan of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.  She plays the damned thing every single day!  Other people shouldn't have to be forced to listen to the mashed potato song countless times a week!  I really wish she'd close her windows. 
Another thing is that they have a toddler who isn't well behaved in any way.  I listen to him cry all day every day.  He sure has a set of lungs on him - then comes her yelling at him which just makes things worse.  I sometimes wonder if he's trying to tell her to stop playing Dirty Dancing.  Maybe he too thinks it should have been left in it's era...  Then there is their other child.  He's bout 7 or 8 and is obsessed with his soccer ball.  He kicks it against our shared fence for at least an hour a day.  Very often it goes into my backyard and he has to knock on my door to ask me to retrieve it for him. 

Last but certainly not least there is the husband - he has a Harley - a very loud Harley that he drives to work on sunny days.  He leaves for work at 6 in the morning (the bastard) and when he does, I'm rudely awaken by the roar of his motorcycle starting and driving away.  In my world - the last thing I need is more hours in my day and once he wakes me up - I never get back to sleep.  I think I hate him most of all! 

With these new neighbors, I long for the days of unannounced visits from my talkative ex-neighbor.  I actually wish she never moved...


Julie said…
Hi Erren,
Don't think you'd remember me, but I'm in East Anglia via Washington, D.C. and we exchanged a few comments via the blog ages ago about living life without bank accounts, driving, and other ex-pat hurdles- I've always been grateful that you've kept blogging, and have continued to 'check back in' to see how you are and send supportive vibes :)
I know we're scattered about, but if you or anyone else fancies an impromptu ex-pat dinner and drinks in the nearish future, I'm happy to throw something together. I think London sounds like it might be the most central meeting point, but wherever really! Just a thought. Anyway irregardless, I'm thinking good thoughts your way and am admiring your positive stance in coming through all that's happened recently!
Kind regards, Julie
Erren said…
Hi Julie,
I do remember you and hope you're well. A meet-up sounds great. Let's see what sort of response we can get and go from there...
Thanks, Erren

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