Turning 36

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I'm turning 36.  It feels uneventful this year - like I could almost forget if I wasn't near a calender.  Maybe it's because this year things are more like they should be and turning another year older just isn't p phasing me all that much.  I know last year turning 35  really bothered me, but I was turning 35 and still had no children - maybe I felt time was running out and it scared me.  This year I'll be having a baby and I have a wonderful husband & marriage.  This year it hardly even bothers me that I'll be spending most of the day by myself before Wayne gets home from work (I guess we'll have to see how I feel tomorrow).  Maybe birthdays don't phase you as much when you have almost everything you want.  A few friends in the same country would be nice, but I can't really complain can I?
The baby furniture  came for the nursery today.  I'm really excited to see it and hoping Wayne will be just as keen and want to put it together tonight so that tomorrow I can spend the day organizing the room.  We have boxes of stuff from the baby shower just sitting in the nursery and as it is right now, I peek in there every once in a while just to see the things because it makes it all feel less surreal.  I really can't wait to start decorating the room. 

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  1. Christie said...:

    Have a happy birthday!

  1. Tara said...:

    Happy Birthday!!!! I turned 35 a month ago and struggled with it a little,while physically I may be growing older, mentally I still feel like I am in my late 20's. Children do put your life in a different perspective and age seems only a number. Enjoy and have fun!

  1. Baby coupons said...:

    Things can change so quickly can't they? Sometimes we worry needlessly. More things that bring us additional happiness are coming in our future. I am glad that 36 brought so many fulfilled dreams for you.