Mission Impossible... (part 1)

Thursday, January 6, 2011
Early this morning I woke to my son stirring. Exhausted, I tried to go back to sleep. Half asleep/half awake, the internal dialog began in my head. I started mapping out this morning's post...
I met my High School Sweetheart for lunch during my recent trip home. We spent that morning texting each other to plan it like two spies arranging a rondevu because his current girlfriend was not on the list of people who knew about our meeting. Not because our lunch wasn't completely innocent, but because she just wouldn't understand. Some people think ex's can't be friends and no matter what you say, they will never think anything different. So, our texts included phrases like 'Your mission, if you choose to accept it' and 'This message will self destruct in...' I soon came to realize a restaurant was not in his comfort zone for our meeting and we ended up at a Dunken Doughnuts (so much for lunch) in a town that was apparently off of his girlfriend's radar.
I sat in the parking lot waiting for him to arrive. When he pulled up, he slowed down to motion he was parking in the back. Seeing him for the first time in 7 or 8 years, I was surprised at how much he looked the same as he did the last time I saw him. I waited by the front door and as he turned the corner, I was even more surprised by his sheer size. At 6'6, he towered over me (as I am only 5'2) and he was even larger than I remembered. When he bent down to hug me, I felt as if he could touch his toes with me in front of him without needing to move out of the way. This reminded me of when we were kids and while walking home from school, he came across a fire hydrant he was able to just step over it rather than go around it (and back then he was only 6'4)...
Still half asleep I heard, 'Mommy, I'm hungry' and realized it was time to start my day and the entry I was sleepily mapping out would have to wait...

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  1. Roy said...:

    Grrr... I commented on this but I had to sign up for a Google account then it took away my post. Now I am back here, so I will post this. I will get back to it when I have a little more time.

  1. Erren said...:

    Sorry Roy, I fixed it now. thanks for popping and and for letting me know.