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Wednesday, January 5, 2011
I decided to import the posts from my old blog that pertained to life as an American expat.  After all, it's what prompted  me to start the blog in the first place and I think it's important to be able to share my experiences with other expats.  If not for those entries, I would have made friends along the way with wonderful people like Aniela and Courtney (who have been expats themselves) who have been like lifelines at times through the years. thank you ladies for being there and sharing this journey with me :-)

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  1. Courtney said...:

    Can't wait to read! I see so much of myself in you and your observations about living here. It helps to know I have a good friend in the same boat :) Love ya girl!

  1. Erren said...:

    Thanks so much Courtney! Looking forward to our phone date tomorrow morning! xo

  1. Aniela said...:

    Awww Erren :) You have been a very special part of my life too - how nice it was (over 5 years ago!!! You were the first American, even before family, I told I was "up the duff" and Ruby will turn 5 in 9 days!!) to have met you - wish I got a chance to see you while you were home - next time we will make the drive down... miss you and let's make a time to catch up on Skype xxxx
    -wait, it is "up the duff", right??? For some reason I keep reading that line and laughing... sounds so very wrong!!!

  1. Erren said...:

    LOL Yes, Aniela - it's 'Up the Duff' I can just hear you saying it and laughing lol...I know we don't get a chance to talk that much anymore, but I still think of you often and miss our talks. We do need to talk soon!