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Not the best start to a day

This morning, I had a pretty bad start to the day. I woke up in pain. I have a illness called Ankylosing Spondylitis which is chronic. I try my hardest not to let it get in my way, but mornings are a challenge (especially with a toddler in the house that doesn't wait for me to loosen up a bit before dragging me out of bed). My meds haven't been too effective lately so last week, my doctor changed to something different. A few days later, I got up from sitting in a wicker chair and my husband said, 'What the hell happened to your back?' I had a bruise in the shape of the chair's edge across my back. With the Doctor's office closed, I called the pharmacy & the pharmacist told me to stop taking it until I can see the doctor.
Monday was a holiday and I haven't been able to get an appt to see my doctor since. I've been taking the old meds in the meantime, but I'm going to run out tomorrow. I called the doctor's office this morning, explained the situation and was told there are no appts and they are closed until Tuesday due to the damned Royal Wedding! The woman on the phone cheerfully said 'Thank you, Bye' dismissing me and leaving me helpless. I cursed her after hanging up knowing full well that with no meds until Tuesday, I'll be pretty bad off by then.
I then went and checked my email where I found a response to an email I sent to someone who matters with a reply that I can only describe as giving me the cold shoulder (he gave me an alternative to contacting him in the future). I'm usually able to shrug this sort of thing off, but this morning, it made a dent. Feeling wounded, I deleted the email without replying. What's the point - the bridge is burnt and I wish I knew why it mattered. It just does.
Moments later, I heard the worst noise in the next room. It was a bird in apparent distress (to say the least). I ran in and found a room covered with feathers and both my cats standing over the bird. I screamed for my husband who came barreling down the stairs (probably thinking me or my son was hurt). All I could do was tearfully point to the room. My son was crying too. I picked him up and hugged him and we sat that way the whole time my husband cleaned up the mess and disposed of the bird. I'm not sure if the cats killed it or my husband had to do it to put it out of it's misery, but he told me not to ask so I didn't.
Just as I was starting to recover from the trauma and secretly vowed not to not speak to either one of my bully cats for a while, one of them came in bleeding from a gash on the base of his tail. I gathered him up and took him to the bathroom, shut the door, held him down and cleaned his wound. It's large and looks petty bad. When my husband get's home tonight, I will have to wrestle the poor cat into a cat carrier and to get him to the vet before the country shuts down for the Royal f@cking Wedding!
Needless to say, I had no choice but to forgive my cat earlier than I wanted to in order to comfort the poor thing. I suspect his injury is self inflicted. He pulls his hair out when he's stressed and this morning's incident may have caused him to get a bit over zealous with his hair pulling. We'll see.
Lets hope my day get's better.


Christie said…
Oh Erren. Hope you feel better soon. HUGS
Anonymous said…
Hey! I have a few comments! #1: I am so excited for the possibility of adoption as an option for you and Wayne. I've always wanted to adopt and I was actually looking into it before getting pregnant. You have to keep me posted on this. #2: Your sister-in-law sucks and I refuse to let you, after all of your hard work, even listen to her for a second. You look awesome and if you got it, flaunt it! She must be jealous. Next time, you should ask her if she would like to borrow some of your lipstick! I would let her know that you heard her petty comments. Don't let her ruin your confidence! #3: I hope you get the meds figured out soon and feel better! I will try to call you this coming wk since my husband will be off for 7 days! Kim
Erren said…
Thanks for the support guys! I wish I could get home to see you both!

Kim, I emailed you on FB, but you're awesome, I love you and miss you!

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