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Book Club

Well, my first book club meeting was a complete success. We had a really great time. There were six of us (2 couldn't make it). I hosted. I haven't had that many people in my house since we moved here (not counting Ethan's Birthday parties). The wine and food kept flowing and we all really enjoyed our selves.
Angela and her friends all came together and once they left, my new friend Deirdre and I sat and had a couple more drinks and laughs. Wayne must have had a hell of a time listening to us giggling like a couple of school girls in the next room.
Here's the downside though. I NEVER drink. That combined with my new meds, was not a pretty combination! I was terribly sick that night and was in bed the entire next day! I have to say it was well worth it though. I'll just have to be careful at our next meeting...


Chris said…
I am so glad your book club went well. Don't worry, you re-learn the whole drinking thing :)
Missy said…
hahaha Lightweight! Glad you had a good time xo

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