Just this one time...

Friday, August 17, 2012
To the love of my life,
I know I'm not supposed to write about you.  You have always supported this blog, but have always asked for me to keep our life separate.  Just so you know, sometimes that makes it difficult to find blogging topics, but I respect your desire for privacy.
I hope you don't mind me wrting about you and our life just this one time. The thing is that I have all these beautiful posts on here about people from my past and what they mean to me, but I never get to write about you and what you mean to me.  I know they are what led me to you, but it doesn’t seem right when you are the one who has given me so much worth writing about.  You have given me my happy ending.
I don't know why books always end at the beginning of a relationship.  Girl meets boy - they fall in love - overcome conflict - and live happily ever after.  You never get to see what happily ever after really is though.  Probably because people think it's boring - the every day stuff and maybe it is, but I try to see the beauty in it.  I try to take a good look around every now and then and take it all in.
Happily ever after is no small feat.  Everyday life is boring and people are never satisfied by what they have right in front of them.  They want more.  They want new - exciting.  What they fail to realize is that new and exciting one day becomes the everyday.  I never dream about new and exciting - ever.  I never long for anything more than what I have right in front of me.
I feel like I lived two or three lifetimes before I met you.  I waited so long for you.  I waited so long for my happy ending and I am so grateful for you.  I am so lucky to have you and your love for me.  I am so blessed to have you know me so completely and yet still love me the way that you do despite my flaws. 
You are the one who knows all my secrets (all of them).  You are the one that makes my heart skip a beat by just catching your scent as you walk past me.  You are the one I love to curl up with at night and wake up to each day.  I wish I could put into words how it makes me feel at those moments when you walk up behind me, wrap your arms around me and put your face against mine.  It's those moments that make me feel so complete and for that brief moment, everything that is wrong is made right.
I know it's not always easy.  I know I'm not always easy, but I want you to know I wouldn't change it for the world.  You are so beautiful and there is nothing sexier than watching you with our son.  When I do, it gives me such joy and fills me with such love for you that sometimes it's all I can do to keep from... :-)
I know I take for granted that you know these things so I thought I should write it down so you can re-visit these words any time you want because it will never change. You are the love of my life.  I am still so in love with you. I love our story.  I love each new chapter and I want you to know how grateful I am for my happily ever after.

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