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My mixed emotions on Fifty Shades of Grey

Let me start by saying I started the book months ago and never finished it so I can't provide an accurate review.  When I bought the book.  I didn't know it was erotic fiction.  It was recommended by a friend (the hype didn't make it to the UK yet) and the synopsis I read, made it look like love story.  It had 5 star ratings and was on the NY Times best seller list.  I pre-ordered it and when it came I looked more closely at the reviews and was surprised to say the least.  As a rule, I don't read such books. To me it's kind of like soft porn -what's the point?? It's usually quite cheesy and the good stuff is cut out! That being said, I have to admit that at first I was engrossed in the book.  I myself was even a little bit in love with Mr. Grey and would be lying if I said I wasn't 'effected' by the erotic nature of the book. Like a lot of husbands, my husband was taken upstairs every night I picked it up (Not that he isn't often taken upstairs, but not quite as often as when I was reading the book).
Here's the thing though - the book is very badly written.  The author is in great need of a thesaurus and the editor should be ashamed of themselves for not insisting on changing the repetitiveness of the book.  At first I tried my best to look past it wanting so badly to continue with the book, but in the end I just couldn't do it and just stopped reading it.  I am an avid reader and because of the poor writing, the novelty of the very hot subject matter soon ran out.  I gave up about 150 pages in.  I have to read it for book club in a couple of months so if I change my mind, I'll let it be known, but I doubt this view will change.
Here's where I have mixed emotions - OK the book is badly written, but woman EVERYWHERE are reading it. Considering the subject matter - that is awesome!  Woman young and old all over the world are reading this book! Husbands all over the world are happier because their wives are getting hot and bothered by reading erotic fiction! That is a beautiful thing.  In my opinion, most woman are not sexual enough.  They get caught up in life and motherhood and let that get in the way or they are just too inhibited to allow themselves to enjoy sex.  But this book didn't become taboo - woman aren't afraid to admit they have read it (all three books no less) and are reading it out in the open everywhere you look! Fantastic!
And because of this book, couples that let their sex lives fall by the wayside, are now coming together and enjoying having more sex - How fabulous!  All too often, people allow their relationships to become stagnant.  They say they they love each other, but forget what it's like to really be in love.  My only hope is that the couples that are reaping the benefits of the books in the bedroom are finding ways to re-kindle their sex lives as well as their love for each other. That they are growing as a couple instead of woman everywhere fantasizing about a fictional character (apposed to focusing on the man they have right in front of them).  My hope is that couples are reminded of what brought them together in the first place and rekindling their love for each other as well as their sex lives.


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