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A reoccurring dream...

Creative Writing Exercise 2.1
The writing topic today was:  Have you ever had a reoccurring dream?  Describe it…
In my late teens, I started having a reoccurring dream that lasted years.  I dreamt I was hanging off the side of a cliff with my boyfriend (at the time) laying on the ground above me, holding me by the hand and attempting to pull me up.  I would scream and beg for him to help me, he’d be struggling, trying desperately to pull me up, and then suddenly, something in his face would change.  He would become calm, look me directly in the face with the saddest eyes and say, ‘I’m sorry; I love you’ as he let go, dropping me to my certain death.  I would always wake up as I fell with him watching me from above.
I should point out that this boyfriend never laid a hand on me.  The meaning of the dream had nothing to do with violence incase that’s what you think when you read it.  What was the dream really about?  I’m no expert, but I’d say that I thought he loved me, but may have had some trust and abandonment issues.
I feel like I should say more, but I really don’t have anything more to say on the topic.  I just hope writing about it doesn’t cause me to start having the dream all over again.


T said…
Please tell me it wasn't me who dropped you off the cliff!
Erren said…
I really didn't think this post through! I shouldn't have posted it, but it's a bit late now.
T, You were not my boyfriend in my late teens were you? No, it wasn't you.
Erren said…
For the record, nobody actually dropped me off a cliff and I haven't had that dream in a very long time!

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