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English Grammar

I bought an English Grammar book that I've been reading all day.  I can't tell you how many times I write something and think to myself, 'That's not right or wonder if I used the right punctuation or add a dash when I'm unsure on the correct punctuation.  I just wanted to learn to do things the right way.  I've been keeping this blog for years now and after reading this book, I can't imagine how many errors my entries are riddled with!
I leaned today that I've been spelling' Breathe' as Breath for all of my life!  That's one of those things that spell check would never catch because it's actually spelled correctly; I've just been using the wrong word all this time without knowing that I was spelling it wrong! That drives me crazy!  There were a lot of those sorts of errors that I've found and I ended up putting the book down because it was making me feel stupid!
I actually searched this whole blog for the instances of spelling breathe as breath.  In all these years, there were about 6 or 7 corrections I had to make and it drives me nuts knowing it was ever there!  I have a feeling this book will bring on a lot of editing of this blog!

UPDATE: I wrote this post with my 4 year old son in the room.  He was jumping from my seat on one sofa to another sofa near by.  As you could imagine, it was quite distracting.  I finished the post, published it and went to make dinner.  I came back to find that I had published the post as 'Egnlish Grammar'! How embarrassing!


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