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I looked up the word ‘unresolved’ today.  This is what I found…

Unresolved: Not having been solved or concluded – Unsettled, Up in the air, Unfinished.

What do you do if something is left unresolved and there is no way to resolve it?  When something is left unresolved, does it stay with you like something that’s impossible to cross off a list of things to do?  You can ignore it, throw the list away, or even burry it, but will knowing that one item that’s still undone always be there in your subconscious like a hole you just can’t fill?

If something is unresolved, but impossible to resolve, what are you left with?  Regret?  Is that it?  If something is impossible to resolve, is it just regret?

Regret:  Feeling sadness about something that has transpired, Sadness about something you have done – Remorse, Sorrow, To grieve over.

Greif: The cause of intense deep, and profound sorrow, especially a specific event or situation – sorrow, heartache, angst.

I Just can't escape the word sorrow.  Maybe I need to get rid of my dictionary.  It’s just nor giving me the answers I’m looking for.  Maybe that's just the thing -

Unresolved: Not having been solved or concluded – Unsettled, Up in the air, Unfinished.


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