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The 80's Night

My friend that had the 80's party over the weekend, read my blog and called me a miserable sod (she's apparently English).  She said I should write a retraction because I ended up having a such a good time.
I am writing my retraction or should I say I am apologising for complaining about having to take part in the fancy dress thing and the 80s throw back party.  It is true, I had a really great time and although I was highly uncomfortable having to dress as I did in my youth, it was amazing how easily it came once I got going.

I changed my costume form the lace and denim look (that I was never a big fan of) and went for a more every day 80's look (it's me in the pink with the big hair). It came back to me in no time.  I started with the brightly colored, sparkling makeup which isn't easy to see in the photos (a look I swore I'd never wear again) and as soon as I put the under eye liner on (a look I haven't had since about 1988), the hair was shockingly easy. I asked my husband (who I had to leave home to stay with our son) to turn on the oven for me.  He asked, 'The oven?? why??' I called back to him, 'It's an 80's hair trick, you'll see..' I dried my hair with my head hanging upside down over the slightly open oven door (scrunching and fluffing the whole time) and before long, my hair was bigger and curlier than it's been in years.  I went back to my room sprayed and teased and sprayed again and all of a sudden, it was my teenage self looking at me from the mirror!  Oh, what an odd sight!  Unfortunately, the photos are later in the night after I got caught in the rain and after I had a few drinks (hence the perma grin - I was laughing in every photo).
The whole night was 80's -  the music, the costumes (I included a group shot of some of the party guests) right down to the Captain Morgan's bottle I was photographed with (unfortunately, that one didn't come out) because what's an 80's night without a little bit of Morgan?
All in all it was a really good night and I'm really glad I went (happy, Ang?)


Chris said…
lol lol lol Holy cow, it's like looking at you back then!! Do you age?? lol lol lol
Chris said…
lol lol lol lol lol
Brian said…
Chris is so right! It could be pictures of you at a party in the 80's (albeit with a strange group of people)! Lady, you really haven't changed! As Stan said on FB, You still rock it! xoxo
Brian said…
PS I didn't mean your friends are strange lol just that if they were all at a party together back then, they would have been a strange group of people to all be together lol
Erren said…
Chris, Laugh it up sweetie! Just keep in mind that a mullet was never a good look and I knew you in the 80's lolololol Oh, and thank you for the compliment (I think), but I did just pull out a grey hair this morning so I assure you, I age!

Brian, Thanks so much, but let's face it, nobody rocked the 80's lol
Erren said…
Don't be ridiculous, Chris! We both know I'm not your type! ;-)

I did get really fat for a while though. If you want me to send you a pic I will :-)
Chris said…
You are so beautiful (inside & out), if there was anyone I wish I could have been straight for it would have been you!
Erren said…
I bet you say that to all the girls :-)
I'm sorry, I tend to joke when I don't know what to say. That is a lovely thing to say. What I should have said was, Thank you.

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