A strange dream...

Friday, June 8, 2012
I don't know why so many of my dreams take place in the house I grew up in. I haven't lived there in almost 20 years now. The latest was this morning. I dreamed I was planning a 40th birthday party for one of my English friends (Which is odd for 2 reasons - the house I grew up in was in Belford, NJ and my English friend is 45). I had two of my English friends over to help me with a photo collage that we'd hang at the party. I guess the house I grew up in was now in England. We were in the back room of the house. A room that was once my nursery as a baby, turned into my brother's room when my sister was born and then an office later on. The room in my dream was an office, but it was decorated in a way that didn't fit the house when I was growing up or my house now. My friends and I were discussing weight loss/gain. I was standing up against a desk I didn't recognise telling them I always look 20 lbs less than I actually am (which is true) and that they shouldn't get hung up on what the scale says (as one of them stood on a scale which was suddenly on the floor beside me). I told one of them that at 5' 2", I weigh more than her husband does (again, true albeit her husband is not a big guy) which you'd never guess as I wear a size 10 (UK/6 US). They looked at me in awe. "It's true!" I told them. "The only time the phantom 20 lbs shows is if you photograph me at a certain angle and all of a sudden it manifests it's self into multitude of chins and fat you never see otherwise!" Again - true. Out of nowhere the room felt hot. I said, "Could it be any hotter in here?" as I walked over to the closet that in my dream (not in real life) housed a hot water heater. I felt the door and it was hot. I thought I should open the door to air out the closet. I opened the door and all of a sudden, what was a tiny closet in reality, became Tardis like. It was huge and appeared to be an attic space which was dark with beams & insulation exposed. The boiler was on its side and burst into flames. I yelled for the girls to get out of the house & in a flash they were out on the front lawn. My husband was downstairs. I ran from the room to the top of the stairs. I could see him in the room below. he was in my childhood den which was decorated just as it was when I was a child. He was laying on the floor watching TV with a baby in a baby seat next to him. I yelled for him, but he couldn't hear me over the TV which was turned up loud. I screamed "BABE!" nothing. He didn't look up. My feet were rooted to the spot. I couldn't move. I screamed "BABE! BABE! BABE!" he still didn't flinch. I was able to move to the back door at the top of the stairs and opened it for the cats to get out of the house. I thought about my cat Luka, who panics easily. I wanted to find him and get him out. I called the other cat, Alfie who I knew would come, but Luka, poor Luka. Please get out Luka! "BABE" I finally screamed again and my husband finally looked and yelled in annoyance "What??" I yelled down to him, "there's a fire. Get the baby (in reality my son is 4) and the cats and get out of the house!... Then I woke up. I woke up in a panic for the 2nd time this week (although I can't remember the other dream). Later, I told my husband about the dream. Saying how strange it was. He says your brain just forms dreams from memories; that's why so many things were combined and jumbled. Then he added, "That and you think I don't listen to you." Which is again, very true. :-)

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